LoullyMakes Designs are formed & developed by me, here in my Garden Studio, in Dunbar. I take inspiration from nature,  influential authors & artists and from the beauty of the fabrics that I use. All tartans, tweeds, velvets and art prints are sourced from a small network of trusted suppliers . Each finished item is carefully handmade by our small, skilled team, here in Scotland. 

Louise & Gordon Nicolson #GNKfamily

LoullyMakes Design Studio - a room with a view, surrounded by inspiration.

Our Canongate store, Edinburgh

LoullyMakes + Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

Influential Landscapes

LoullyMakes. Handmade in Scotland

LoullyMakes Stands with Ukraine

LoullyMakes classically modern designs, rooted in tradition

Inspired by nature.

LoullyMakes sources materials from a small network of trusted suppliers, all leaders in their fields of expertise.

LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection

LoullyMakes carefully considered print and texture combinations

Luxurious pure wool tartans, woven in Scotland

LoullyMakes dramatic silhouettes

The finest pure wool Tweeds from the heart of the Scottish Borders - the Home of Tweed

Exclusive tartans, designed with heartfelt meaning and purpose.

LoullyMakes bespoke wedding accessories

LoullyMakes Designs for Everyone

LoullyMakes beautiful, useful accessories

Authentic Harris tweeds

LoullyMakes Limited Collections

LoullyMakes events

LoullyMakes imaginative gifts

LoullyMakes uniquely individual luxury pieces

LoullyMakes Seasonal Selections

Colour & Texture

We are a family business #GNKfamily

LoullyMakes Designs Handmade in Scotland

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